Shadow Drawing


This great activity is perfect for young children, requiring minimal supplies, simply something to draw with, something to create a shadow, and of course a nice sunny day!

Thanks to our friends in the Early Learning team at the Y Whittlesea (in Victoria) for this fun activity. It is great for toddlers right through to early primary aged children.

Equipment Required:

  • blank paper
  • plastic animals/other small toy
  • pencil/texta or something to draw with


Step 1. Collect white paper, pencils and plastic animals / dinosaurs or trees that you would like to draw. (Tip: the taller the animal the bigger the shadow will be).

Step 2. In a sunny flat space outside place down your white paper.

Step 3. Place the animals / dinosaurs or trees on the edge of the paper closest to the sun. When the sun is shining this will produce a shadow on the paper. If you don't have a shadow move your animals around until you can see one.

Step 4. Trace around the shadow on the paper and have fun!