Strength for Life Online

Wellbeing SA, COTA SA and Strength for Life have developed this series of videos to allow Strength for Life participants to continue with their strength and balance exercises at home. Included are ideas on making "home equipment" as well as a focus on correct technique.

Introductory Video

Disclaimer: These exercise videos have been developed to assist Strength for Life (SFL) participants to maintain their strength and balance whilst their usual SFL sessions are suspended. People who have not been part of a SFL program start these exercises at their own risk. The qualified instructors in the videos have taken every precaution to offer a safe exercise regime, but not all exercises are appropriate for all people. Do not try these exercises if you feel you are not safe or capable to do so. People participate in this program at their own risk. Wellbeing SA, SA Health, COTA SA and YMCA South Australia accept no responsibility or liability for any injury sustained by participants performing these exercises.