Metabolic Kickstart Boot Camp

What is Metabolic Kickstart Boot Camp all about?

In just two sessions a week for six weeks, your body will be challenged and your mind will be stimulated. Our range of activities are all designed to make you fitter, stronger and healthier.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect in a Metabolic Kickstart Boot Camp experience:

•  Activities from circuit training and boxing, to endurance running, team based drills and challenging exercises using various equipment such as ropes, tyres, kettlebells, sleds and medicine balls.
•  Instructors who are highly qualified Personal Trainers and understand the results you want and how to get there.
•  A combination of outdoor and indoor training to mix up the training environment and keep things fresh.


The Parks Metabolic Kickstart Boot Camp will help you reach your goals whether you need to start your fitness journey or just add something new to your current training, this is your solution.

Over six weeks the program focuses on:



  • September 4th to October 11th – 6am Monday & Wednesday
  • November 6th to December 13th – 6am Monday & Wednesday
  • January 8th to February 14th – 6am Monday & Wednesday
  • March 6th to April 12th – 6am Tuesday & Thursday

Price (Members): $140
Price (Non Members): $170

Call 8406 2900 or email for more information.