Lesson Handover

Clarifying a handover procedure with no supervision gaps ensures a safe and successful start and finish to every lesson.

What do I need to do?

  • Start of lesson: Come to the edge of the pool where your lesson begins and directly handover your child to their teacher.
  • End of lesson: Come to the edge of the pool where your lesson is and collect your child directly from their teacher.
  • Children aged 10 years and over: Handover at your discretion using your knowledge of your child’s swimming ability and general development (as per Watch Around Water supervision guidelines).

The safety of your child is our first priority. Without a handover process, at the end of a lesson, excited children go in all different directions making it extremely difficult for your teacher to ensure that your child has returned to you safely. We appreciate and value your support.

My child is a confident swimmer and doesn’t need this level of supervision.

It is not only about swimming ability; it is also a safety issue. Your teacher needs to know that your child has been returned safely to you. If your child goes directly from the lesson to having a play swim they still need to be supervised. Unexpected issues can and do occur for young children who are good swimmers such as losing their footing, older children jumping into the water, unexpectedly getting out of their depth or taking a mouthful of water. All unpredictable events which can contribute to them having a negative experience or panicking. Once out of their depth good swimmers can still become tired making it difficult for them to get back to the edge highlighting the need for constant supervision.

My child is in Shark. Do I need to follow the handover process?

The Watch Around Water Guidelines state that any child under 10 years needs to be actively supervised by a parent/guardian, regardless of the child’s swimming ability. This includes direct handover. Children aged 10 years and older, parents can use their knowledge of the child’s swimming ability and general development to determine the level of accompaniment required. This includes handover.

I have two children doing lessons in different areas. How can I be in two places at once?

We understand that you can’t split yourself in two (as much as you might want to at times) and therefore recommend you drop off and collect your youngest child first. Please make that the swimming teacher of your older child is aware of this during drop off.

During my child’s lesson I’m in the public area of the same pool. Do I really need to get out of the water to drop off and collect them?

Direct handover is required. The handover will need to occur in the same place for all children, in most cases at the end of the teaching lane. If your child needs to swim across a lane to get to you, this isn’t a direct handover.

Do I need to follow the procedure when I sit within sight of the lesson in the same place every week, my child knows where I am and I watch them walk back to me at the end of the class.

We still require you to come to the edge of the teaching lane to drop off and collect. We appreciate and thank you for your vigilance however your teacher also needs to know that your child has found you