Make up lessons

We get it, life with kids is unpredictable! If you are unable to attend a swim lesson you are entitled to a ‘make-up lesson’ at no cost if you book online. Every student can use 12 make-up lessons in a 12-month period of enrolment.

Make-up Lesson Policy
  • Students can take up to 12 make up lessons per 12 months of enrolment
  • To receive a make-up credit, the student must be marked absent from the class they are going to miss at least 2 hours prior to the start of this class. This must be completed via the Customer Portal.
  • Make-up classes must be booked via the Customer Portal, and must adhere to the following:
    • must be used within 3 months of the missed lesson (credit expires after 3 months)
    • can only be booked 1 week in advance
    • once booked cannot be altered and will be forfeited if not attended or cancelled
  • We are unable to guarantee your preferred time/day, teacher or level will be available. The use of make up credit is dependent on class availability which fluctuates based on time, day and season.
  • To use make-ups the student must still be enrolled and account is financial with no outstanding amounts owing.
  • Make-up lessons are non-transferable and can only be used by the student enrolled.
Step 1 - How to register an absence (and receive a make-up credit)
  1. Login to the customer portal (via browser or on the App)
  2. Select 'My Bookings'
  3. Select the date you are absent
  4. Select 'Manage Bookings'
  5. Select 'Register an absentee' next to the students name
  6. Select 'Confirm Cancellation' and you may receive a make up token to book at a more convenient time

*Please note our staff are happy to show/teach you in-person if you need a hand, however make up lessons must be self managed by parents.

Step 2 - How to book a make up lesson
  1. Login to your online customer portal (via browser or on the app)
  2. Select Book
  3. Select Swimming Lessons
  4. Select the blue toggle-switch in the top left hand corner to "single/make-up lesson"
  5. Use the filter to select your relevant level
  6. Use the timetable to find your preferred day and time associated to your level
  7. Select 'Book now' to bring up your options
  8. Select 'Book now' next to the students name

*Please note our staff are happy to show/teach you in-person if you need a hand, however make up lessons must be self managed by parents.

Medical Suspensions

Medical suspensions are available for students who are unable to attend 2 or more consecutive lessons. Medical suspensions must be arranged prior to the missed lesson in writing (in-person form or email) and be accompanied by a supporting medical certificate. We will hold your spot for up to 6 weeks. Suspensions over 6 weeks will be removed from their class and re-enrolled into a suitable class with vacancy upon return