Friend referral

Friend referral

Love The Parks? Tell your friends and be rewarded for sharing the love. Get two weeks free with each friend you refer.

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Complete the referral form below up to two after your friend joins The Parks.

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Once your referral has been confirmed, your next fortnightly debit is on us!

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Terms & Conditions

  • Member Referral Program and associated offer is only eligible for existing YMCA members, which meet the following conditions:
    • Have been a member at the referring location for a minimum period of 4 weeks prior submitting the referral
    • Are financial (no outstanding balance)
    • Submit the referral via the online form on the centres website within 2 weeks before or after the referred member purchases a direct debit membership
  • Referrals (new member) must be new to the site members (no previous membership history within 6 months of referral) and have no outstanding balance
  • Two weeks free (direct debit override to $0) to be added to a members account for every successful referral. The two weeks free ‘offer’ will be applied 2 - 4 weeks post referral claim date (form submission).
  • Marketing references “up to an additional 20% off” which is in reference to Mates Rates memberships, in which two individuals are members on the same account, sharing the same direct debit payment details. Available at select Centres. Mates rates memberships must be completed in-person with each ‘mate’ present. If a current member is already on Mates Rates, no further discounts apply.
I acknowledge that I comply with the above terms and conditions