Sports Vouchers - Save $100

$100 FREE YMCA Swimming Lesson credit is available with the SA government Sport Vouchers initiative! To redeem your $100 Sport Voucher simply complete the form below - saving $100 has never been so easy!

To use your Sport Voucher your child must be enroled in swimming lessons. So if you are new, simply enrol your child into lessons first (online or in-person), then once enroled complete the below form. If you are an existing student, simply complete the below form. The $100 credit will be placed on your family swim lesson account within 10-15 business days, and will be automatically used to pay for direct debit payments.

All students, reception to Year 7 are entitled to a $100 per calendar year. Further details about the initiative can be found on the Sport Vouchers Website.

Sport Voucher Redemption Form

Submitting this form is equivalent to submitting a hardcopy version and can not be reversed. Submitting this form is requesting that your child's 2019 Sports Voucher be allocated to YMCA Swimming Lessons. Only use this form if your child:

  • has an active swimming lessons booking with the YMCA

  • is in primary school (reception - year 7)

  • has not used the 2019 Sport Voucher with another provider

Child Details

Child Gender *

Parent/Guardian Details

Have you already claimed your 2019 Sport Voucher? *
Was your child enroled prior to using this voucher? *
Is your child in school (reception - year 7)? * Only children in reception - year 7 are eligible for the SA governments Sport Vouchers initiative - more details at
Terms & Conditions * By submitting this form I confirm my child's Sport Voucher has not yet been used this calendar year and qualifies for the Sport Voucher initiative (Reception to Year 7). I also understand that it may take up to 15 business days for the Sport Voucher credit to be applied to my account. Credit will automatically be used to pay for future YMCA programming debits and is non-refundable.