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When you join “the Y”, you become part of something much bigger than just a local gym. You become part of a movement that is improving personal and community wellbeing across South Australia, and indeed, the world. In fact some 65 million people participate in the YMCA across 120 countries.

The YMCA is a non-profit organisation with an astonishing history of facilitating positive change over more than 175 years. And yet, for all its international reach and impact, it is intimately local in nature, wrapping itself around the contemporary needs and unique context of each community – including your own.

Founded in 1850 (one of the first YMCA's in the world), today YMCA South Australia is known for managing some of the State’s best recreation centres, pools, stadium courts, and gymnastic centres. Between our recreation services - and youth, disability and children’s programs - there are more than 2 million visits to a YMCA in South Australia annually.

Your membership with the Y strengthens not only your own wellbeing, but also that of your wider community. It encourages continued investment into vitally important community-owned facilities such as the one you have just joined. It keeps your money in South Australia, creates jobs for talented young people, and ensures that any operating surplus is reinvested for social benefit.

For all the great stories we could tell about those who’ve come through the Y, ultimately it is yours that matters most. We’re here to walk with you on your wellbeing journey. Please reach out whenever there’s anything our staff can do to help

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