1 August 2019

3BALL: the ultimate 3-on-3 basketball competition

The battle to end all battles is coming to The Parks! Hit the courts for the ultimate 3-on-3 basketball competition.

Date: Friday 11th October
Time: 12pm – 4pm
Cost: $6 per person (includes BBQ)

Open to girls and boys, separate half-court competitions for 10Y-15Y and 16Y+. Referees will be provided. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and a scorer for your team!

Game Regulations:

  • 15 minutes or first to 15 points
  • Played on half court
  • Teams up to 4: 3 players + 1 substitute
  • Time outs: 1
  • Overtime: First to score 2 points
  • Fouls: 5 team and 4 individual
  • Shots inside the arc rewarded as 1 point, outside the arc as 2 points and free throws as 1 point

Register your interest to stana.zecevic@ymca.org.au