Adelaide Aquatic Centre Relocation

The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre (The Parks) is excited to welcome Adelaide Aquatic Centre (AAC) students to our Swimming Lessons program.

There are two approaches for AAC students to transfer to The Parks.

  1. Transfer into a standard class prior to 17 June
    View our class information and timetable. This approach is enrolling as a 'typical' new student online, starting lessons at The Parks within the week and forgoing the AAC special $150 Sport Voucher, which may suit some to enrol into a class day/time well suited to them.
  2. Wait until 17 June when we open "AAC Exclusive" new classes -
    1. New classes labelled "AAC Exclusive" will be published and available for online enrolment as of 17 June. The first class of these "AAC Exclusive" classes does not start until after 15 July so that you remain eligible for the AAC special $150 sport voucher. We are in the process of hiring teachers for these classes and are unable to confirm days/times for these new classes prior to 17 June.
    2. If none of the new "AAC Exclusive" classes are suitable, or they book up quickly, instructions will be supplied to arrange a call with staff to complete the enrolment with classes until 15 July.
Fee & Program Information

Swimming Lesson Fees are paid via ongoing fortnightly direct debit. Explore the swimming lesson pages on our website to learn more about our program.

Cost per class
Babies and toddlers (6 months- 3yrs): $20.50
Preschool and school-age swimming lessons (3+yrs): $22.80
*No charges for classes which fall on public holidays

First Debit
Classes labelled 'Adelaide Aquatic Exclusive' start on 15 July with a first direct debit on 18 July.

Enrolling into a standard class will result in an immediate start (next class after enrolment) and you will be charged at the first Thursday direct debit post enrolment.

What level does my student enrol in?

The Adelaide Aquatic Level Mapping document provides a guide as to which class to enrol into. This is particularly helpful when reviewing our live class timetable and checking for day/time suitability.

When completing an enrolment online, there will be a quick online questionnaire to assign a level to the student. There is the chance this varies slightly from the Adelaide Aquatic Level Mapping - don't stress, just enrol into the level specified by the questionnaire.

On-site supervisors will be available over the first couple of weeks to ensure students are in the correct level and will make adjustments as required.

Why is this process so complex?

We apologise for this complexity, however, there is currently a National shortage of swimming lesson teachers, and as such the number of new AAC Exclusive classes made available is dependent on the number of teachers we can hire and the number of teachers which transfer from AAC to The Parks. Further complicating this, the $150 sport voucher requires continued enrollment at AAC up to 15 July, and hence we have no visibility on the number of swimming teachers which may transfer from AAC to The Parks.

What is the $150 credit for the families?

To assist with the transition to your new Centre, Learn to Swim students still enrolled at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre up until 14 July 2024 will receive a $150 credit towards swimming lessons at your new Centre.

The process will be confirmed in June, noting that it will closely resemble the State Government’s Sports Voucher initiative, with a $150 credit being applied to accounts after initial enrolment is complet.

Will the same time/day of the lesson be available that I was attending at Adelaide Aquatic Centre?

The Parks Recreation and Sports Centre will be adding multiple additional classes/levels; the exact lesson times your child was attending at Adelaide Aquatic may not be available. However, we have added as many as possible to cater for students relocating to The Parks.

Once bookings open oin mid-late June, you will have the option to book a class time that best suits you.

I’ve been assigned to another swimming centre. Can I switch to The Parks swimming centre?

Absolutely! You can transfer to participate in The Parks swimming lessons program. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided below, and our swimming lessons team will reach out to facilitate the transfer process.

Responsible person phone number  
Preferred lesson day / time  
How to contact us?

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with our swimming lessons team on or call 8406 2900

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